7 Fascinating Museums In Singapore You Can Visit This Weekend

Since 1977, International Museum Day is celebrated on the 18 May around the world. The objective is to raise awareness of how important museums are in the development of society. 

Believe it a not, there are more than 30 museums in Singapore, and each has its own unique exhibits. 

To celebrate International Museum Day, our PNKids team have put together the best 7 museums you can take your kids to this weekend. 

So, let's the educational journey begin! 

1. ArtSicence Museum

One of our personal favorite, The ArtScience Museum is one of the iconic structures that make up the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort. Recognisable for its distinct shape, the museum blends the worlds of art and science together through carefully curated exhibitions.

The ArtScience Museum has recently revamped their now permanent exhibition Future World, where your kids can explore an interactive high-tech collection of digital installations.

+65 6688 8888

2. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Do you like Jurassic Park? Then you will like the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Stepping into the museum is like stepping into Jurassic Park. You feel like you’re in a jungle, punctuated by an occasional roar of a dinosaur!

The museum boasts a wonderful collection of animals, mainly from South East Asia, which includes the fantastic collection from the old Raffles Museum and Library. Discover more about the animals that once lived here in Singapore and you would be surprised at the diversity of animals that once called our tiny little island home.

2 Conservatory Drive, Singapore 117377 Tel: +65 6601 3333

 3. The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum

You can create a lot of memories for your kids with a visit to the Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum

Started in 2001, the museum had more than 100 tortoises specimens roaming around. You can buy lettuces for them and once your kids have fun feeding them, they can head inside to see the vast collections of turtle artifact. 

The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum, 1 Chinese Garden Rd, Singapore, Tel: +65 6268 5363


4. Asian Civilization Museum

Love history? Bring your kids back to the past with a trip to the Asian Civilization Museum The museum has curated a vast collection of artifacts of our forefathers from the Chinese dynasties to the Javan and Indian empires.

Artifacts from these empires were expertly curated to showcase the active trade between these civilizations, displaying an exchange of cultures and the spread of religion between civilizations

The permanent galleries on Chinese, Southeast Asian and the Indian civilizations, as well as the ancient Islamic world, are all very impressive.

1 Empress Place, Singapore 179555 Tel: +65 6332 7798

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5. Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall

The Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall is not just a museum which glorifies Dr Sun, the medical doctor who toppled the once mighty Qing dynasty.

Crucial to his revolutionary plans are a group of local businessmen who aided Dr Sun financially and intellectually. The building of which the museum now resides is also the actual residence of Dr Sun where he planned some of his revolutions.

12 Tai Gin Road, Singapore 327874 Tel: +65 6256 7377

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6. Mint Museum of Toys

With iPads and iPhones the toy of choice for kids of the new millennia, one can only reminisce about the times when Wolverine fought Superman and Hot Wheels car races were everywhere. A time when imagination ran wild and the galaxy was the limit.

At the Mint Museum of Toys, your kids will learn about classic characters such as Popeye, Batman and Betty Boop. The Mint Museum of Toys will certainly bring the whole family together!

Check out their impressive collection of toys from Star Wars to Micky Mouse and Popeye.

26 Seah Street, Singapore 188382 Tel: +65 6339 0660

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7. Singapore Art Museum

Occupying the original St Joseph’s Institution, the Singapore Art Museum showcases its artworks over multiple galleries which were converted from old classrooms and also the mission school’s chapel.

It boasts a collection of some of the world’s most important collections of Southeast Asian contemporary artworks.

71 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189555 Tel: +65 6589 9580

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